Every month we host workshops on a variety of topics important to women to help you discover ways to enhance your inner glow. 

SSS workshops are focused on topics such as “how to do your own makeup like a pro” and “find out celebrity secrets on how they look flawless in photos and on TV”.

Celebrity Makeup artist Josie Valdez, Owner of Josie Faces, will show all of us how to do it!  Join us for our monthly workshop with Josie and learn step by step how to do your own make up using the right products for your skin tone in THE professional way.

Josie Valdez, Owner of Josie Faces and Celebrities Make Up Artist

Josie Valdez, Owner of Josie Faces and Celebrities Make Up Artist

Makeover by Josie Faces


All Year Workshops by Josie Faces


What are the best moisturizers in the market and how to use them based on your skin.


It’s Easter get the soft and gentle
Look for that beautiful floral dress by Keula B fashion. 


Weather is getting better and it’s time to pull out the colors glosses and lipsticks.


Summer is here it’s time to pull out the GLOW. Learn how to get the JLO glow.


Exfoliate your skin and moisture, what are the best exfoliates and how to use them based on your skin type. 


What is the best foundation based on your skin tones.


Now that your tans are almost gone it’s time to tan your body and face in the most safest way. No need to spend money in tanning salons when you can do it in the comfort of your own home.


Time for the fall color!! Learn how to do a soft and Smokey colors with earth tone shades

Face peels, facials how to pamper your own skin.

It beginning to look a lot like Christmas, get ready for all the holiday events and the glam looks.