Keula, the founder of SSS, is a Godly-woman, and has a sincere passion for God. She also respects all religions and people of all faiths. Please understand and be compassionate that she hosts “Women Who Love God,” events monthly, and even though it is a Bible Study, people of all faiths are welcome to join. Please keep in mind, there are some events that are a good fit, and others might not be, but there are so many other events and opportunities to have fun that are available. 

We are women who desire to know more about God and His Son Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible.

Our Bible studies meet monthly  and it’s designed to encourage women to grow closer to God and to one another. These special times of sharing are designed to build relationships and fellowships between the ladies who attend.

There’s something breathtakingly beautiful that happens when God gets ahold of our hearts and minds and invites us on a journey of discovery. The big questions of “who we are” and “why we’re here” are no longer hopeless wonderings. Instead, these questions are replaced with a deep knowing that God is alive and speaks with love, mercy and grace. It’s been our experience that as we grow to know God and love God, the most beautiful stories emerge: stories of healing and friendship, of restoration, of growth and perseverance, of joy in the face of adversity, of triumph. 


Women Who Love God Bible Study