For all of the women out there who've decided that, whatever the circumstances, they won't let anything hold them back from enjoying life.  SSS is for you!

If you love to see new places and experience the beauty, food and people of different countries and regions. You are in the right place.

At SSS we organize one 10-day international trip each year - and we're starting with Brazil in 2018.  We also enjoy two shorter (2-3 days) trips inside of the U.S for long weekends, one during the summer and another during the winter.

In case you need anymore convincing, here are 5 Reasons that make traveling to new places a great hobby!

  • Exposure to rich cultures and history - our world is a big place!

  • Amazing food - tastes and smells and textures you've never experienced!

  • Meeting new people - unlike you or anything you're used to!

  • Living out adventures you've only dreamed of - like in the movies!

  • Refreshing, renewing, and rebooting yourself - we all need this at least once a year!