Love Letters from our Friends, Members and Partners


" I turned 60 about 3 years ago.  During this time, I found myself looking into the mirror and not recognizing the woman in the reflection.  Now, I am not talking about the profound me inside, but rather, when one speaks of first impressions, I found myself not being happy with how I was presenting (dressing) myself on a day-to-day basis to the world.  Let us say, I was no longer comfortable in my clothes.  More at truth, I was no longer comfortable in my body.  I didn’t care, and it showed. " ~ Susan Warren (Read more).


" Keula Binelly is a unique, amazingly talented woman, whose character is beyond reproach, who daily takes the “bull by the horns,' to make the most of each day.  Keula is a powerhouse and is blessed with the support of her amazing husband Scott. Keula is innovative - always looking for the next way to create a joyful life, bringing her friends along to enjoy with her. " ~ Gayela Baynam (Read more)



"I love attending Keula Binelly events, whether it be her Sip and Shop Events, boat parties, or modeling for her Couture line!  Keula is a wonderful person inside and out, a great friend with a warm and magnanimous spirit!  I love attending her events because of the ability to network with positive, likeminded women, which expounds on the feel good factor!  And in an era where women can be very cruel to each other, this is where all things Keula bridges the gap. " ~ Jenise Davis (Read more)


"I’ve known Keula Binelly for about year now. I have to say she really brightened up my 2017 and my life altogether. I was invited to one of her sip and shop events. I thought it looked pretty fun but I couldn’t make it. After a few months I joined a wine club to sell wine on the side. So I contacted her. We had a private one on one meeting. We connected and got along instantly. I hosted a wine tasting event with her. Along with the event I met some fabulous other ladies." ~ Elisa Nguyen (Read more)


"I'm proud to call Keula Binelly my dear friend. She is the consummate hostess, a true Bon Vivant. I enjoy going to Keula Binelly events because her I know the crowd is going to be stylish, discerning and very cosmopolitan. Her events are always a visual extravaganza. There is always a sense of love, goodwill, and tremendous hospitality. It's always an opportunity it catch up with good, charitably inclined friends and to meet new like-minded people. Great people, fabulous ambiance,  outstanding food, and most importantly kindness and goodwill. Best", ~ Toni Gage


"When I met Keula two years ago she immediately invited me to a gathering at her home, and then she asked me how she might be able to support my business.  Since then, I have been continually amazed by her kindness and generosity, as well as her ability to bring people together for beautiful celebrations.  When Keula hosts an event, large or small, her focus is totally on making her guests feel comfortable (and well fed!), and it is no surprise that she attracts a wonderful group for every party.  Through her I have met people who have become both friends and business colleagues, and we all love her!  If you know Keula you will understand exactly what I mean, and if you are lucky enough to be invited to one of her gatherings, I recommend that if possible, you drop everything to attend!" ~ Janice Adamshick


"Keula Binelly is truly one of a kind! Her incredible ability to organize social gatherings from business events to fun parties is unprecedented. She is a detail oriented, punctual professional and a very kind and caring person, that's why when you get to know her, you want to be in her company again and again! I absolutely adore her fashion shows, boating parties and catered events. Because of her I made valuable business connections and met so many wonderful friends." ~ Olivia Wirt


" I met Keula Binelly just a few short months ago after seeing her Facebook post about her Sip, Shop, Socialize and Party with style event, and thought it would be a good opportunity to network and meet like-minded women.  I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly she responded to my request to attend the event that same evening.  I showed up not knowing anyone, including Keula. "  ~ Dana Lutz (Read more)