" I turned 60 about 3 years ago.  During this time, I found myself looking into the mirror and not recognizing the woman in the reflection.  Now, I am not talking about the profound me inside, but rather, when one speaks of first impressions, I found myself not being happy with how I was presenting (dressing) myself on a day-to-day basis to the world.  Let us say, I was no longer comfortable in my clothes.  More at truth, I was no longer comfortable in my body.  I didn’t care, and it showed.  Have you ever seen a server carrying a hot plate of sizzling steak or chicken Fajitas covered in peppers and onions--and, as the server passes your table, the steam radiates an effervescent trail of savory aromatic delights…. You might just find yourself saying, wait, I want that instead…. Well, ‘sizzle sells’….. What I realized was that I needed to dress up -- and show up!  It was time for me to sizzle!

I love to tell this story.  It was Springtime, and I was at a women’s fashion show for a fundraiser, and, as I was enjoying the parade of women fashioning a Spring clothing line from Bloomingdale’s, my eye soon caught a glimpse of a sizzling model!  Why, it was Keula from Facebook. This is a woman I had come to fondly adore, and was tickled by, as Ms. Brazil .  She had magically popped out of the pages of Facebook onto the runway.  I quickly introduced myself - and of course, Keula had to take --- you got it, a selfie of us!  And, this was the start of a blooming (a little pun intended) relationship. 

Soon thereafter, Keula invited me to her home to check out her clothing line. Little did I know at the time, but  this was the beginning of a new, exciting chapter in my life.  At first, I was hesitant--and let us say, insecure about my body image.  I did not want her to see how my body had aged.  I was embarrassed.  Furthermore, I thought I was too old to try on any of her clothing designs.  I had resigned myself to feeling 60 years old.  But you have to know, Keula has a quiet way of disarming any insecurities and self-doubts you may secretly hold about your body image.  Why, she had me trying on outfits that were, well, looking good on me--if I may say so myself! I began to transform--not only on the outside, but to my surprise, on the inside.  I started to feel more confident about my age and about my body image.  The confidence started to manifest itself in my attitude on a day-to-day basis.   I was  venturing out more and engaging in new adventures with new friends!  The seeds of possibilities were being planted.  I like to tease Keula and say she made a ‘monster’ out of me.  I am now 63 and no longer feel I am getting older - but rather, younger.  I like to say, I am 63 years young. 

I continue to wake up each day feeling blessed and welcome the challenges to grow.  So, I say to you, age is a number!  And, though I started out with a new outfit, the real transformation was, and is, happening on the inside…. I am now being designed by Keula and friends! " ~ Susan Warren