Meet Our Partners:

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Meryl Greenhill

Meryl Greenhill is Savvy professional who launched her business from the love of people and networking. Growing up in the heart of Manhattan, Meryl began her career as a buyer for Bloomingdales, where her passion began. Meeting new people everyday, Meryl began to flourish in her abilities to relate to employees and other sales professionals throughout the workweek and in her personal life. A couple of years later, Meryl moved oversees to Singapore where she was able to bring her talents to a new atmosphere. Since the move brought her new professional journeys, Meryl began figuring out how she could use her talents in a new culture and country. This is where Meryl began utilizing her love for networking and making it into a thriving career. Meryl loved the idea of hosting events for business professionals to meet one another from all different walks of life and cultures. Meryl has since created her own business, Savvy Business Network, hosting events around the country, while utilizing her knowledge and skills from her international and local travels. Meryl is passionate, social, and all around dedicated to creating an environment for professionals to thrive and help each other.

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Savvy_Sexy_social_womens_club_Keula_Binelly_values_gold_cup_respect_ tolerance_sisterhood_honesty_accoutability_integrity_excellence_ communication _acceptance_network_fun_party_washingtondc_dmv_washington_ northvirginia_maryland_great_falls_keula_binelly_wine_travel_limousine _fashion_show_fundraisers_boating_workshop_inspiration_empower _dance_match_making_foodies_concerts_speakers_sip_ partners_sponsors


Eva Scott has been in the Financial Services industry for over a decade.  Beginning in the Mortgage and private loans sector and transitioning into Insurances, investments and Retirement planning in 2009. 

Born in Spain; Eva holds a degree in International Law by the University Magna Hispalensis in Sevilla Spain and graduated Cum laude from the University of North Carolina with a Bachelors degree in Political Science and International Relations.  Eva lives in quiet Fredericksburg, Virginia with her husband Douglas and their four children.  

Eva’s experience as a producer began at Primerica, New England Financial and other firms. Soon realizing that working for big Financial companies she could not really do what she was passionate about, she decided to partner with her mentor Rob Stewart in 2002 and open the Virginia branch of Integrity Financial Solutions.  IFS is small fiduciary, non captive firm that allows us to focus on truly providing real solutions for our client’s specific needs. Helping business owners and individuals wherever they are in their financial journey and designing a path to achieve their goals.  IFS specializes in budgeting, debt elimination, college savings, retirement and benefit planning, risk management, estate planning, and tax free retirement.



JBC Events is a full service event planning company in the Washington DC metro area offering exclusive event planning services.

From conceptualization to implementation, JBC is committed to transforming your vision into a reality. Passionate about bringing people together, we demand flawless attention to detail and seamless delivery, fashioned to leave a lasting impression. No matter the occasion, JBC aspires to manifest your vision and exceed your expectations. The experience we provide is unforgettable. 


At JBC Events, each team member has a unique role that connects directly to their passion and dreams. This allows us to successfully bring each client a distinct variety of concepts and possibilities to ensure their event is a success, not only from our eyes, but from all who are part of the experience.


Jad Bouchebel

Founder and event planner Jad Bouchebel inherited his entrepreneurial skills early on, as he spent the last 13 years managing his parent’s family restaurant in Great Falls, Virginia. With a background in hospitality, Jad’s flair for bringing people together naturally evolved into a passion for event planning. He began his career by organizing events from scratch for such recognized venues as the W Hotel, the French Embassy and more, all while completing his Bachelors in Business Management at George Mason University. Jad’s reputation for creating successful events enabled him to cultivate trusted relationships with owners and managers of the most exclusive venues and vendors. These relationships serve as the foundation of JBC, providing the benefits of the best services to his clients. With over a decade of experience producing memorable affairs from elaborate corporate gala’s to intimate celebrations, Bouchebel’s most recent project is the launch of JBC Presents, ongoing designed-from-scratch affairs that encompass the distinctive flair that is JBC.

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