Savvy, Sexy & Social Women’s Club has a mission to empower and encourage women.

We all come from different backgrounds and that’s the beauty of life, we all have different opinions. Here, at SSS, we value that we are all different, we all have our own uniqueness and individuality, and our own life experiences that mold us into being different.

SSS, is created to embrace all of that, and our goal here, is to cultivate an atmosphere of understanding, acceptance, tolerance, and compassion with each other, who have different beliefs and are of different faiths, we are all in this life together.

For the women of Savvy, Sexy & Social Women’s Club, this means to always value: 


  •  Embrace different perspectives.

  • · We do not compete with each other. Instead, we are understanding of all opinions. 


  • Treat everyone in our club with integrity and dignity.

  •  Treat everyone as you want to be treated – Golden Rule.


  • Tell the truth, speak up, but with tact, have thoughtfulness and compassion when speaking to others. 


  • Take control over your actions and take responsibility for your actions. 


  • Hold to the highest standards of being polite, professional, and ethical, when attending Savvy, Sexy, & Social Women’s Club events. 

  • If you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t say anything at all.


  •  We are humans and sometimes make mistakes but we strive for excellence. 

  •  We participate in charity work and help out more than expected. 


  • Be thoughtful and compassionate in communicating with others in the club. 

  •  Especially with social media, avoid any confrontation. 

  •  If there are members that don’t get along, it’s ok, please no drama.

  •  Avoid conflicts.

  •  Strengthen the public's understanding of the mission/vision of Savvy, Sexy, & Social Women’s Club.

  • Consider our behavior and personal image, because we understand we represent the Savvy, Sexy, & Social Women’s Club.


  •  Be kind to others and their faith. 

Keula, the founder, is a Godly-woman, and has a sincere passion for God. She also respects all religions and people of all faiths. Please understand and be compassionate that she hosts “Women Who Love God,” events monthly, and even though it is a Bible Study, people of all faiths are welcome to join. Please keep in mind, there are some events that are a good fit, and others might not be, but there are so many other events and opportunities to have fun that are available. 

If these values are broken, your membership can be terminated, at any time, with no refunds.

As a member, it is important in keeping the Savvy, Sexy, & Social Women’s Club’s membership values, policies, rules & regulations. 

Thank you.