Motivational & Inspirational Speakers

Have you ever wondered why motivational speakers are so popular and why inspirational self help books are bestsellers? 

Will you be a better person because you listened to them?  Will listening to them make you more successful in your career?  Will you make more money?  Will your relationships improve?  Can you become a better leader by listening to these experts?  Will your new and improved attitude bring you more success?

You might be surprised to find out that it does make a difference.

At SSS we give you 6 reasons to attend our inspirational and motivational speaking events.

1. To reaffirm your faith in hard work and miracles

Motivational speakers and inspirational books are known to use real life anecdotes combined with working wisdom to tell readers and viewers that life is a mix of hard work, smart work, miracles and luck, but never any one of these alone. If you have been working hard, you may be able to heave a sigh of relief by reading such books and assuring yourself that something good will happen to you.

2. To know that failure is a stepping stone to success

If you have picked up an inspirational book or a DVD of a motivational speaker because you are experiencing a major setback in life, you may feel energized enough to move ahead. You may have come across many real life anecdotes and advice from such material which reaffirms that failure is a stepping stone to success. Such positive reaffirmation is likely to leave you in a better position to deal with failure and pitfalls that life throws at you. 

3. To learn from other people’s lives

We all learn from our mistakes, but we may not live long enough to make all the possible mistakes ourselves!  This message is given by motivational speakers and books and can come in handy as you read and learn from the mistakes that well known personalities and other common people may have made in their lives.

4. To realize that you are not alone

Motivational speakers and self help books can help you retain your faith in life through stories of other people whose mental and emotional conditions may be similar to yours. You can feel happy by knowing that your sorrow is shared by a million others in the world. You can also multiply your happiness by knowing that many other people across the globe share the same delights as you do.

5. To wake up with a smile everyday

When you live an inspired life and when your state of mind is motivated, you are likely to have a surge of happy hormones in your body. By reading motivational material, you could wake up with a mission everyday and go through the day with a smile on your face, ready to take on the world. Staying cheerful everyday is a reason enough for you to listen to motivational speakers or read inspirational books.

6. To be updated with the latest

You should consume inspirational material and media not only to give your self esteem a boost but also to stay updated with the latest buzz. For example, if your boss mentions the 10,000 hour investment principle, you would be clueless about it unless you would have read bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers.

Every month at SSS we will schedule a  motivational speaker to inspire us all 

To talk about different topics  and teach us about the various aspects around it. Check out the event calendar for the next scheduled speaker! 

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