Match Making

It's no secret that Washington, D.C. contains some of the world's most ambitious, intelligent and successful singles. But even for these highly accomplished women and men, it can be difficult to find that special person who matches them in all the right ways.

At SSS we combine knowledge of human relationships, passion and a healthy dose of intuition, to take the straight-forward approach of asking questions and listening to get to the heart of each person, everything to do with a personal touch - humanizing the experience of making connections and the added benefit of varying perspectives. Of course, these days you can connect with anyone, anywhere online. Or exchange endless texts. But there’s no substitute for the real thing: Exchanging glances and flirtatious smiles, while trying to read each other's minds and connect the dots.


Stay active in your pursuit of romance and finding your perfect match.

At SSS we organize a singles mixer/meetup in different locations around the DC metro area.  We'll introduce you to a selective group of successful professionals seeking the same thing you are - a fun companion to get to know and maybe (maybe) a lot more! 

Make sure to check our event calendar for the next mixer/meetup!