" Keula Binelly is a unique, amazingly talented woman, whose character is beyond reproach, who daily takes the “bull by the horns,' to make the most of each day.  Keula is a powerhouse and is blessed with the support of her amazing husband Scott. Keula is innovative - always looking for the next way to create a joyful life, bringing her friends along to enjoy with her.  

Shopping at Keula Binelly Boutique is unique - her fashions are one of a kind - and the venue is perfect for shopping, sipping champagne and catching up with old and meeting new friends. It is truly a fun experience - Keula has an eye for the unusual too, that she will match with each personality!  For me, I’ve always carried the image of myself as a chubby girl.  Keula redirects such thoughts, giving tips of how to wear an outfit you like by adding a wrap or wearing jewelry, hats, belts or other accessories to become the focal point instead of the feature of your body you wish to mask. Keula truly makes every friend, client (old and new) feel their worth.  She has a following of beautiful, smart and talented women that runs the gamut in the National Capital area.

Generous - Keula is generous in her support of many causes.  December 2016, Keula outfitted 6 cancer patients from Howard University Cancer Center for We Will Survive Cancer.  She continues her generosity to We Will Survive Cancer as well as many other organizations in the area.

Superb Cuisines, Keula’s catering company, offers wonderful food, beautifully displayed and served during the event.  

Keula offers a lifestyle message, “be smart,” “be real,” “praise God for your Blessings everyday,” “love and be kind to your friends, and especially to your enemies - you never know what they are going through,” and above all Smile, be Positive and Have fun!'' ~ Gayela Bynum