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SSS Power Lunch Network/How to Establish Better Money Habits for Life

  • Greenhouse Bistro 2070 Chain Bridge Road Vienna, VA, 22182 United States (map)
SSS Power Lunch Network
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Money can be a big source of stress or a tool to have the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.  Money is not good or bad in and of itself, it is a vehicle.  At this luncheon we will explore the different attitudes and erroneous preconceptions and relationships people have with money.  The savers versus spenders mentality, and how that can affect a marriage or relationship. In reality, only when there is alignment and purpose in our relationship with money we can find true peace. 

Dale Goodrich is a pilot, and engineer, a husband and father but his passion is financial coaching.  Dale has helped many families align their financial goals and achieve true financial freedom with simple yet common sense habits. 

Dale makes them healthy and Eva makes them wealthy!! 

Eva Scott is a licensed financial expert and coach who enjoys working with Business owners and individuals throughout time. The purpose is to design a financial strategy, a plan and solutions that will match their wishes and dreams, from college savings to tax free retirement strategies, to simply a better budget and cashflow management.

This is one presentation you will not want to miss, we will get to the bottom of healthy and destructive money paradigms and behaviors and give you easy tools to not repel but attract money.

Please note this event is for both Members and Non-Members of SSS.

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