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SSS Power Lunch Network/ Embody the Sunrise in Your Pocket

  • Greenhouse Bistro 2070 Chain Bridge Road Vienna, VA, 22182 United States (map)
SSS Power Lunch Network
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Featured Speaker: Elena Sonnino

Our Topic: Embody the Sunrise in Your Pocket

Elena Sonnino is a life coach and a motivational speaker. She helps people give themselves permission to be their TRUE selves. She will be speaking about moving out of survival mode, getting away from the self-imposed obstacles we put in our way, and living our wildly audacious dreams today. We'll explore how to create space for YOU by tapping into our own inner strength and wisdom. Together, we'll learn what truly matters by releasing judgment and tapping into our own source of clarity and boldness.

About Our Host: Eva Scott is a licensed financial expert and coach who enjoys working with business owners and individuals trhoughout time. The purpose is to  design a financial strategy, a plan and solutions that will match their wishes and dreams, from college savings to tax free retirement strategies to simply a better budget and cahflow management. 

Vendors Opportunities Available: Call Keula Binelly at 240-595-5335 or email

Please note this event is for both Men and Women Members and Non-Members of SSS.

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