"I’ve known Keula Binelly for about year now. I have to say she really brightened up my 2017 and my life altogether. I was invited to one of her sip and shop events. I thought it looked pretty fun but I couldn’t make it. After a few months I joined a wine club to sell wine on the side. So I contacted her. We had a private one on one meeting. We
connected and got along instantly. I hosted a wine tasting event with her. Along with the event I met some fabulous other ladies. I no longer sell wines, I just decided to continue going to her events on regular basis. Not just because the uniqueness and beauty of her
clothing line but the fun I had with the girls. It was a good time to connect, take pictures, bond, and talk about girl stuff. Trying on the cloths and opening up to new friends was just so much fun. Each one of us would just help build each other's confidence. We all had differant storylines and journeys. Differant backgrounds such as cancer survivors, happily divorced, happily married, and hot to be fantastic being single.  We saw inner beauty in each backgrounds, body sizes, and shapes. With Keula's golden personality and catering company she hosts many unique and beautiful events where I met more people other
than just women from the sip and shop events. She would facilitate and direct fashion shows at nice local venues with some of DC's best photographers, to do the shoots. The amazing makeup artist Jose Valdez and hairstylists could do magic and give us a total make over that we couldn't believe! These shows really boost women's confidence along
with their model and portfolio resumes. It radiated women's beauty inside out.  Keula did a awesome Pop Up Store event, with a live band in Georgetown, DC and a Boat Christianing Red Carpet Style at the Yards Marina  with gorgeous views of the water as the sun was setting. Her spooktacular Halloween Photoshoot Party on her boat was hit and was well heated. Her newest inspiration she does is the online live facebook group therapy. We all need therapy. We need someone to talk to or just listen to. Great subjects are focused personal developement and self help or cope. She continues to invite everyone with an open heart and open mind to her beautiful events, boat rides, and into her home. It brings her great joy to make other's happy. The best quote that makes me think of her 'I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.' - Maya Angelou. " Thank you Keula for inspiring and loving others and just being you! Many Hugs ", ~Elisa Nguyen