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Do you like to be around Savvy, Sexy & Social Women? Women that are successful, passionate, positive, inspiring, and have a vibrant and fun personality? Do you want to expand your social circle? Or, do you need an escape, somewhere to laugh and get to meet new people?

Well, you've found the right place TO BE!

Welcome to our Weekly Newsletter! 


Hello Savvy, Sexy, & Social Ladies,

Hi ladies, I am sure you missed the newsletter last week. No worries, we will have everything caught up.

Here's a recap from our fun:

Sip, Shop & Socialize + Photoshoot and

Women Who Dance

Highlight of my Week! Want to share yours too?!?

I attended this amazing event, The Fillmore Silver Spring Fall Open House, even though I spent 2 1/2 hours to get there driving because of the rain, it was well worth it, and I give thanks to my friend Melanie Soley Lacher (The Fillmore event coordinator) for inviting me. I got to see and catch up with some peeps from my catering industry, but the most exciting part was it felt like a Savvy, Sexy & Social event. I got to hang out with 3 of our ladies, you know how much fun it is when we get together! One of our ladies, Janet Flowers, sponsored the event; I’m sure some of you know she is one of the top florist and event designers in the DMV. She made these beautiful custom masks during the event. She invited other ladies from the club and it was exciting to see them. Denise Lynn was there helping Janet. How awesome! That is what our club is about, we meet, have fun, help/support, and do business with each other. Dana Lutz was there with her beautiful daughter, who’s getting married early next year, how exciting! Dana is looking to have Janet help with her daughter’s wedding. Congratulations Dana! I am sure everything is going to be fabulous! See pics from the event below.

Savvy, Sexy & Social Women's Club

Before I forget! I finally launched our Keula Binelly Couture Website. Janina and I have been working so hard to upload some of the photoshoot pics of you beautiful ladies and it looks awesome. We are very proud, make sure to check it out, and happy shopping!!

Don’t be shy ladies!!…

…I am still wondering if you have anything exciting you want to share that’s happening in your life, something so BIG that you can’t keep it to yourself. Please send it to us and we will be happy to put it here in the newsletter next week! It can be ANYTHING. I would like to encourage you and keep this space available for you let us know things you love and what makes you happy!


October Birthdays

BTW… I am not sure who else has a birthday this month, if you do please let us know!


VladlenaPe Peschanska

Vladlena celebrated her birthday on Monday, October 1st. She shared a video on FB (Click here to see it), one of her dreams she always wanted to race cars, so she celebrated in style!!! We’ll get to celebrate with her later this month. What a great idea, ladies - let’s keep that in mind, maybe we’ll all race cars together. Thank you Vladlena for sharing your birthday and we will plan to celebrate with you soon.


Janina Rudzinski

Janina’s birthday is just around the corner on Tuesday October 9th and she’s so looking forward to celebrating with all of us.

Savvy, Sexy & social Women's Club


Belinda’s birthday is on Sunday October 21st and we are so excited to celebrate with her in our KBC Fashion Show. She just gave herself a big gift - her dream trip to Europe.

Reminder… please send us your Birthday info (Day and Month) so we can celebrate!


Keula Binelly Couture/ Sip, Shop & Socialize update/ Photoshoot #5 Pics

Last Wednesday, The Sip, Shop, & Socialize + photoshoot was another hit! Ladies, we just keep having more and more fun, it was a smaller group with some new faces and the usual beautiful faces! One of our newest members Lourine came and Kipp was the photographer for the evening. These have been so successful, the feedback has been great. I have been very busy, please forgive me for not releasing all of the photos, but trust me, they are well worth the wait!!! I will be going to Brazil Saturday, to bring my Mom and my Step-Father back, I have the opportunity to bring new clothes for the Fall/Winter Collection. Keep a look out for the sexy new styles!!! BTW… We are having a Fashion Show!!!

"It brings me so much joy to see women coming out of their shell and realizing how beautiful they are."
~ Keula Binelly

Since I am returning from Brazil and my Mom will be here, I am stilling deciding if we are having one next Wednesday. Stay tuned for another evening of fun, friends, fashion, and foolishness while listening to music, nibbling on hors d'oeuvres and sipping Prosecco.

Here are some amazing pics from photoshoot #5! BIG thank you to the amazing photographer of the night Keri Gaudreau!

Savvy, Sexy & Social Women's Club
Savvy, Sexy & Social Women's Club
Savvy, Sexy & Social Women's Club
Savvy, Sexy & Social Women's Clun
Savvy, Sexy & Social Women's Club
Savvy, Sexy & Social Women's Club
Savvy, Sexy & Social Women's Club
Savvy, Sexy & Social Women's Club

Women Who Dance:

Girls, we had a BLAST!

You have no idea how much I needed to go out dancing with you ladies. It started out to be about 7 and then it was 13 of us. Reggie Bell showed up (one of the best photographers)! That night was worth more than a $1,000 in therapy. The Burlesque show was amazing, and there was an aerialist performer. Don’t forget to check the Calendar on the website we will be back there for Sir Sunday

Savvy, Sexy & Social Women's Club
Savvy, Sexy & Social Women's Club
Savvy, Sexy & Social Women's Club
Savvy, Sexy & Social Women's Club

Women Who Love God: BIBLE STUDY

We had to reschedule our Bible Study this week.
We are looking forward to the next one! Please if you’d like to volunteer to host Bible Study in your home, let us know!

Savvy, Sexy & Social Women's Club

Let’s Keep it Real.

Topic: The importance of Validation: I’ve spoken about a similar topic before. The most important validation should come from ourselves, but it feels nice when people acknowledge us and appreciate our efforts, and the same works the other way. Recently, my husband sent me 10 reasons why he loves me, he helped me remember when life gets busy, we sometimes forget to validate others. When we think about our kids, friends, co-workers, sometimes sending them appreciation will lift them up — you never know what kind of day they are having. It can always be about the small things that we appreciate. That day, he really put a smile on my face and he really lifted my spirit up. Do you want to know the 10 reasons?! Please check it out.

Savvy, Sexy & Social Women's Club

Last Week’s Topic: Watch What Happens When I Get “Mad,” what I mean by that is being uncomfortable and getting out of my comfort zone sometimes inspires my best work. I like to think the best gifts are not wrapped in beautiful tissue paper, but sometimes they come in sand paper. When I have to roll up my sleeves and work hard at something, these are the times I learn the most and it ends up being the most rewarding. If you want to see what got me mad this time… check out the video!

Savvy, sexy & Social Women's Club



BTW… The Hat Decorating event is not happening on the 10th and just another reminder I won’t be hosting the Gold Cup this Fall, so reach out to each other and have some fun without me :( !!!

Annapolis Powerboat Show

  • SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2018

  • 12:00PM - 5:00PM

  • City Dock & Harbor

I have been there/done that… Can’t wait to go again!

Two years ago my husband and I came for the show, left with a lifestyle.

So here we go again feeding our dreams…Next boat? :)

My mom and my step father will be here visiting from Brazil and I thought they will enjoy seeing all the beautiful yachts and of course visiting the beautiful sailing town of Annapolis and I’m sure you ladies would enjoy it as well. So if you would like to join us, you can pay for your ticket with me and we’ll get the ticket for you or go directly to Annapolis Powerboat Show website clicking here.

I want to know who’s coming so I can have a better idea on how to plan the day.

Please know you need to arrange for your own transportation, I would encourage for you ladies to carpool. I think it will be fun!

Savvy Business NetworkBenefits ofOranges-8 copy.png

Networking Mixer

  • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2018

  • 5:30 PM - 8:00PM

  • Chima Steakhouse in Tysons

    • 8010 Towers Crescent Dr. Ste. 100 Vienna, VA 22182

Savvy, Sexy & Social and Savvy Business Network invites you to our Networking Mixer & Fashion Show 

Grow your business & connect with other professionals.

Chima Steakhouse at Tysons Corner

Join us at the bar for a fun evening of:

  • Networking 

  • Mini fashion show 

  • Delicious appetizers

  • Complimentary Valet for our attendees

  • Shopping with our unique vendors

  • Swag bags for the first 50 attendees

Please note this event is for both Members and Non-Members of SSS.

Both ladies and gentlemen are invited to attend.

If you are not already a member, and would like to realize all the benefits here on Savvy, Sexy, & Social, click here to become a member. 

Savvy Business NetworkBenefits ofOranges-7 copy 4.png

KBC Splendor in the Garden Autumn Fashion Show

  • SUNDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2018

  • 2:30PM - 5:00PM

  • Keula Binelly’s Home

Pumpkin Spice and everything nice … 

Keula Binelly Couture (KBC) is excited to be hosting our Splendor in the Garden Autumn Fashion Show where we will be showcasing our Autumn/Winter 2018-2019 collection comprised of famous Brazilian designers.

The afternoon will begin with an outdoor cocktail reception and music with DJ Allan!

KBC is focused to make women feel and be empowered. Feeling confident, being comfortable in our skin – that's what really makes us beautiful.  Be you and live free.

Come for the fun, friends, fashion and foolishness and to support all the amazing ladies that will be walking the runway.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to WE WILL SURVIVE CANCER (WWSC) to help WWSC’s Christmas Gift Giving program this year. If you would like to be part of the event, we do have sponsorship opportunities available. If interested, just give me a call on my cell (240.595.5335) or email me at

Tickets: $25.00 please click here if you’d like to purchase online.

Dress Code: Cocktail Attire

Showtime: 3:15pm Sharp

Outfits available for purchase after the show at our Boutique. Following the fashion show

“Discover your style and tell the world that you are one of a kind” ~Keula Binelly 



~Please make sure to check the events Calendar on the website because although the newsletter has upcoming events for the next week, the Calendar has events into next year and you don’t want to miss out, there are a lot of cool events coming... just a teaser *Sir Sunday at SAX, Long weekend Cruise to Bahamas :), and much more… ~

KNOCK, KNOCK… HELLO is anybody there?!?!
I AM Still looking for my FAMOUS ladies!!

~Come on... it will just take a moment, so let's get busy!! Some of you sent me a pic with a small blurb about yourself. We are extending this segment. You can still email me here,, with a pic and a little bit about yourself for the website! Check out one from this week!
*Stayed tuned we will update the website with "Meet our Members," soon!* Don't be left out XO!

Ladies! We have new members! Please welcome...

Savvy, Sexy & Social Women's Club

Yulia Ilina-Ageeva

I know what you’re thinking! Are there two Yulia’s?? That’s her twin-sister Jane who’s visiting from Russia.


Marsee hunter

I am Marci Hunter the Owner of Styled For You a personal styling/wardrobe consultant boutique servicing the VA/DC area. I was introduced to Keula through a mutual client-to-friend, who thought we would have shared interests, and she was right! I have known Keula a little over 2 and a 1/2 years now. She has become a colleague and a friend. It is great to find a group that doesn't find my over zealous fashion nature to be over the top. This is a group of fun, supportive, and fancy women that only Keula Binelly could cultivate.

Not enough thank you to Janina, for being my assistant, a good friend and helping me get my Port-English out on the newsletter :)

Stay tuned for upcoming events this month... we will be updating the website calendar soon!

We can’t wait to see you at the next Savvy, Sexy & Social event!

Have a blessed weekend everybody!