You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Yesterday I was thrilled to attend The Women's Center 32nd Annual Leadership Conference.  A big shout out to my friend Jasmin El Kordi, for having me as one of her guests. Jasmin is an accomplished Senior Executive, entrepreneur, and innovator - as well as a board member, committee chair, and emcee for this wonderful organization.

It's was empowering and a day to remember ... I must say that for the past five years I attempted to make this conference at least 3 times and It always happened that I had a conflict but this year finally I was able to attend.  I believe GOD has a plan for our lives and that's why I was finally there yesterday.  I've heard others refer to the universe making the right things happen.  It doesn't matter!  What matters is when you are ready to BE THE CHANGE in your life, when you set your mind to it, it seems that everything will come on your way.

Yesterday was one more confirmation in my heart that I'm on the right path ... and I thought to share everything I heard and learned here with you so "You must be the change you wish to see in the world".

You must have all heard, read, and even said variations of this quote. It is a phrase that speaks to leadership, to setting an example and living it through not only words, but actions ... but what does "be the change" really mean?  It is a question that each of us must answer for ourselves and the answer for each of us will be different.

I found this topic to be very relevant to things I'm experiencing in my life today and it challenged me with many questions of the heart and mind to take me deeper on my journey.

Here is the summary of things I heard yesterday, so many of which resonated with me and what I prioritize in my life as well.

  • Be Authentic

  • Do not compare yourself to others

  • Find your true YOU

  • Don't allow your problems to take away your joy

  • The light you are seeking is inside of you

  • Hold on to something bigger then yourself

  • The pain won't be there forever

  • Write your own legacy when you're alive, don't wait until you die

  • Brake the circle of violence

  • Collaboration is the key ... bring people together, different ideas and backgrounds

  • Discover the joy in your journey

  • Invest in yourself, be the change for yourself

  • Invest in your own personal growth, that can be something in your career or something that you are interested in learning or experiencing

  • Discovering the joy of learning something new

  • Learn something new to increase your confidence

  • Its never too late to learn something new

  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable

  • Our comfort zone keep us back from something good

  • Invest in your community ... be a member and a participant, you are taking care other people and they are taking care of you

  • When you meet someone learn all you can about that person, and at the end of the conversation ask what can I do to be an assistance to you?  If you do that you are creating more opportunities to build a relationship with that person.

  • Relationship matter - business and personal

  • Invest in others - not only people that you know but also people that you don't know and you don't have relationships.

  • Find out where is your heart

  • Listen to your heart and do what you really believe

  • Follow what feels true to you

  • Always be willing to try

  • Surround yourself with people smarter than you

  • Don't judge others by their appearence 

  • Start to create a world that women and men are allowed to be anything.

  • If you wore to send a letter to your younger self, what would you share with them? What would you tell them to do differently? What Advise would you give your younger self?

With all that being said I would like to end this by inviting you to think about what you want to see in this world. I invite you to ask the question of your heart, and ask you to share the change you wish to be from now on.

My friend Janice Adamshick with   Aesthetic Medical Center    

My friend Janice Adamshick with Aesthetic Medical Center   

Jasmin El Kordi - Board member, committee chair, and emcee for The women's Center 

Jasmin El Kordi - Board member, committee chair, and emcee for The women's Center